Pump technology for (U)HPLC systems

Choosing a pump for your (U)HPLC system depends foremost on application requirements like flow accuracy and pressure pulsation, but also on flexibility,...

Alternative Autosampler Applications

The implementation of an automated sample preparation system for biosensor-based research permits the maximum possible efficiency resulting in the highest sample throughput,...

SPH1299TM V2 and SPH1299QTM V2

Spark Holland has renewed her SPH1299™ and SPH1299Q™ UHPLC pumps, that were specially developed for LC-MS applications. The upgrades, which mainly concerns...

Digital Twin

This white paper describes how a digital twin supports service engineers in their efforts to make the maintenance of UHPLC pumps more...


This article explains the working and applications of fully automated DBS sampling.

Smart UHPLC pumps

This article sets out some of the innovative techniques behind the Spark Holland (U)HPLC pumps, and their considerable impact.


This white paper compares the quality, performance and lifetime of Spark Holland (U)HPLC valves to other high-end (U)HPLC valve manufacturers.