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We always strive to fulfill customers needs in the most effective and robust way which often leads to innovative solutions. The innovative nature of Spark’s product development is recognized, and several projects are rewarded with grants.”

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Spark is dedicated to continuously improve their chromatography instruments used at laboratory to analyze various types of sample. To get accurate and reliable analytical results, chromatography must be performed in a conditioned environment. To do so, analysts use column-ovens to create the same circumstances every run. For optimum performance, usage of a column-oven should not negative impact separation performance. Furthermore, heat generated by back pressure of UHPLC columns should be minimized.

Spark Holland B.V. has initiated a project to address increased dead volume caused by using a column oven and create a column compartment with temperate control algorithms to optimize separation efficiency.

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Flowrate requirements of pumping systems within the analytical area within the life science vary from sub mL/min to more than 250 ml/min. Although flowrate requirements may vary a lot, expectations on flow pulsation and robustness of these pump systems are all in the same ballpark.

Spark Holland BV has initiated a project to create a modular pump model concept which should enable a wide range of applications within the life science industry without jeopardizing pulsation performance and robustness. Focus of the project is to create building blocks to enable the user to create a dedicated pump module fulfilling all required needs.

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