DBS Autosampler™

Direct DBS/DMS elution without manual intervention
Dried blood spot (DBS) sampling is an emerging technology for bioanalysis, offering easy, convenient cost effective sample collection, transport and storage. Our revolutionary DBS autosampler™ has set a new standard for bioanalysis. It maintains the integrity of the sample through automation using our unique direct elution FTD™ technology for sample preparation. Can you only imagine its potential?
Our revolutionary direct elution FTD™ technology sets a new standard for bioanalysis.

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Flow-through desorption (FTD™) technology

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DBS sampling on the spot

Our DBS Autosampler™ uses a leak-tight clamp to directly desorb dried blood spots or dried matrix spots as a liquid sample for analysis. Direct elution offers a consistent quality, while eliminating the inconsistency of manual disc punching or costly robotics. It also allows the option of online clean-up and analyte separation by SPE prior to analysis in an automated workflow. All in minutes, providing maximum sensitivity without any manual intervention.

Key features

Sample preparation instruments
Sample preparation instruments
Sample preparation instruments

FTD™ - Flow-through Desorption (US patent no. US 8586382 B2)

Direct elution of DBS from cards enables online clean-up and analyte separation by SPE prior to analysis in an automated workflow. Optional online coupling to (SPE)(LC)-MS/MS.

IVC™ - Intelligent Vision Camera

Camera designed for accurate spot positioning of DBS cards for direct, flowthrough desorption of bloodspots. Full image capture guarantees sample information storage, tracking and traceability.

AISA™ - Automated Internal Standard Addition

A specified volume of internal standard is loaded in a loop using an integrated mini-pump. It is added in the desorption phase using a high pressure dispenser.

Additional options

Our DBS Autosampler™ comes with multiple options like mounting different clamp sizes of 2, 4, 6 or 8 mm for the desorption of different sized spots. Seal filter paper cards are available up to pressures of about 200 bar (up to 100 bar for the 8 mm clamp). Besides barcode identification for 1D or 2D barcodes, full or partial spot desorption options are available for sample traceability.

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This revolutionary autosampler for bioanalysis maintains the integrity of the sample using our unique FTD™ technology for sample preparation, offering time and cost savings