Oven with excellent temperature control
Almost every parameter defining a chromatographic separation is temperature dependent. Mistral™ offers excellent temperature stability between 5ºC - 90ºC. With its forced air oven, vapor sensor and integrated solvent pre-heater Mistral™ provides an indispensable instrument to optimize and run your assays.
This stable oven empowers you to run your analyses at an excellent controlled temperature.

Why choose the Mistral™?

Experts in liquid sample preparation

Automated column selection

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Temperature control from 5ºC – 90ºC

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Integrated solvent pre-heater

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Excellent temperature stability

Excellent temperature control

Using the Mistral™ oven as part of your chromatographic analysis, you will easily recognize that your retention times will be more constant with constant temperature. But varying the temperature can also be of great help to tune selectivity, improve peak shape and reduce analysis time. Mistral™ empowers you to control an excellent temperature stability between 5ºC – 90ºC.

Key features

Automated column selection

Option to select up to 6 different columns. This feature comes as an option and will be a great help for method development or to run multiple assays on a single system. UHPLC valve available.

Easy fit

Extensive remote control makes integration into your system an easy job. The large column area will accommodate almost any column size and the small footprint will hardly cost you any bench space.

Excellent temperature control

Possibility to program a ramp up to 10°C/min and a ramp down to 2°C/min in a range of 40ºC-60ºC. Temperature reproducibility is better than 0,1°C in the centre of the oven.

High temperature oven

Independent of what your sample needs, Mistral™ will offer you excellent temperature control. Even at high temperatures. You will notice a reduction of column back pressure significantly. Allowing you to work with higher solvent flow rates, narrower columns or smaller particles.

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This preparative instrument offers excellent temperature control, with its forced air oven, integrated solvent pre-heater and automated column selection