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Innovation in front-end sample handling

As a supplier of analytical systems for the modern laboratory you want to have world class technology for liquid chromatography that seamlessly integrates into your products. Thirty years of continuous innovation have established Spark Holland’s reputation as a leading provider of technology for on-line devices and systems, enabling highly efficient (SPE-)LC-MS/MS workflows. Especially in the field of sample introduction and online SPE, Spark Holland has always been a pioneer introducing an extensive list of innovations. And the list will continue to grow!


Our mission is to enhance your competitive advantage through continuous innovation.

Spark Holland innovations

Better sample care

(U)HPLC injection valve

The injection valve is the heart of the autosampler in an (U)HPLC system. Intermediate Loop Decompression™ (ILD™) is a new innovative and patented feature on our injection valve for (U)HPLC. The proprietary design comprises a unique stator-rotor combination with an extra radial relief slit. This configuration enables loop decompression prior to sample aspiration. Ultra-fast valve switching further reduces pressure shocks to a minimum. The result is highly accurate sample injection down to 1 µl and much longer column life time.

(U)HPLC pump head

Accurate, precise and rugged formulation and delivery of your mobile phase is critical to your results. The patented and unique pump head design prevents the formation of air bubbles in the pump chamber, resulting in the best analytical performance in its class.

The pump also incorporates truly automatic solvent compressibility compensation, which makes manual adjustment of the method no longer necessary. Automatic solvent compressibility measurement is not only used to minimize flow pulsation, but also to compensate for flow rate reduction caused by solvent compression.

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Spark pump products

Digital twin

A digital twin is a highly accurate, virtual working model of a (U)HPLC instrument based on the same parameters as a real (U)HPLC instrument. Designing with a Digital Twin has great advantages. The system design of (U)HPLC instruments can be optimized in an early stage, thereby significantly accelerating new product development. Besides that, smart diagnostic tooling based on Digital Twin technology helps service engineers in their efforts to make the maintenance process more effective and increase system uptime.

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Enhancing your competitive advantage

Better sample care

We are always looking for ways to seamlessly integrate our innovations with your products. Driven by the creativity and ambition of our excellent team. And all for the commitment that defines Spark Holland as a company: better sample care.