CHRONECT Symbiosis™

Online sample preparation

In 2018, Spark Holland and Axel Semrau® have signed a global commercial agreement for the distribution of Spark Symbiosis legacy. Axel Semrau® offers different online SPE front end solutions based on Spark technology. All our CHRONECT Symbiosis solutions are (U)HPLC systems combined with an online SPE front end, and the robust and reliable PAL autosampler with flexible options for sample preparation.

CHRONECT Symbiosis
A versatile workhorse that will allow you to perform more projects with the highest assay performance in the same time, and uses the full MS capacity to the lab’s economical benefit.

Key features

Experts in liquid sample preparation

Fully automated sample preparation

Focused on OEM partnerships

Cost reduction of SPE solvents

Easy product customization

Fast Method Development

From development to manufacturing

Simultaneously sample prep and LC

Superb performance

Automation minimizes the time required for SPE sample preparation steps such as SPE sampling, drying, evaporation and LC reconditioning steps while improving reproducibility. In addition, the High Pressure Dispenser (HPD) is capable of delivering a controlled and precise flow rate up to a back pressure of 250 bar, so that SPE cartridges with 10 µm particles can be used. This increases the purification efficiency and reduces the matrix load of the MS ion source. Online SPE improves the assay sensitivity with a minimum of sample volume because the sample is completely dispensed. In addition, due to the reduced SPE cartridge volumes (8 µL, 10 x 1 mm ID) this system is compatible with the lower (U)HPLC flow rates without losing (U)HPLC resolution.

CHRONECT components

Sample preparation instruments
Sample preparation instruments
Sample preparation instruments

The HPD™ is a world class dispenser resisting a high working pressure up to 300 bar. It was originally designed for SPE solvent delivery in online LC systems, but other applications are easy to imagine.

SPE cartridge

The online SPE cartridge has been specially designed for online elution to the (U)HPLC column. Dimensions are optimized to combine high extraction capacity with small elution volumes.


This oven offers excellent temperature stability between 5ºC – 90ºC, with its forced air oven, vapor sensor and integrated solvent pre-heater.

Cut method development

All Chronect Symbiosis™ online SPE Systems processes multiple batches/assays fast and reliably, with the highest analytical performance, fully unattended. They also have all the tools to perform method development using a systematic approach which generates a working online SPE method in just a few days. The generic templates for Acidic, Basic and Neutral compounds will help you to test more variables in less time. No more compromising assay quality by using the instant feedback that the Chronect software is showing during method development.

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