SPH1299Q™ V2

Linear driven quaternary pump
The SPH1299Q™ V2 is a linear driven quaternary pump that easily meets contemporary requirements of modern laboratories. It is based upon the same reliable and proven technology of the high pressure gradient pump SPH1299™ V2. Containing all the outstanding and unique features, like no manual priming and purging, accurate and precise flow control and easy maintenance.
This linear driven quaternary pump is the ultimate tool for demanding applications.

Why choose the SPH1299Q™ V2?

Experts in liquid sample preparation

Pressure up to 1.300 bar

Focused on OEM partnerships

True automatic self-priming

Easy product customization

Automatic solvent compressibility compensation

From development to manufacturing

Fast method development

Flexibility and performance

Whereas high pressure gradient pumps – like the SPH1299Q™ V2 – are known for their ultra fast gradients and low dwell volume, low pressure gradient pumps excel in flexibility. SPH1299Q™ V2 can blend up to four solvents with excellent performance enabling easy and fast method development. The complete pump head is made of high quality 316 stainless steel, with a high-tech coating. In addition to the standard Sapphire seat, one can also opt for a Zirconia seat, to reduce polymer residue build-up.

Key features

Sample preparation instruments
Sample preparation instruments
Sample preparation instruments

Reliable performance

Based on the reliable, proven concept of linear drive technology. Each of the two pump heads is individually driven and controlled, generating maximum freedom for flow control and pulse reduction.

True automatic self-priming

A novel automatic priming concept fully automates the priming procedure. A built-in prime pump aspirates solvent through the pump heads when starting with empty solvent inlet lines.

Easy and economic user maintenance

The pump head has been designed for easy disassembly and seal exchange. No need to remove covers or expensive exchanges of entire pump assemblies. Simply disconnect, remove and replace.

Easy and straightforward

Application switching and method transfer are easy and straightforward, which makes the SPH1299Q™ V2 the ultimate method development tool for demanding applications. Due to its easy and economic maintenance this linear driven quaternary instrument is the preferred pump for many laboratories. The autonomous diagnostic tool, reading sensor data in real time at 1,000 Hz, makes troubleshooting easier and saves a lot of maintenance time.

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Based upon our proven SPH1299™ V2 technology, this pump is the ultimate method development tool for demanding applications