Value (U)HPLC™

Cost effective LC system

Routine HPLC analysis in analytical and QA/QC labs require a robust and dependable system. This affordable (U)HPLC set is based on proven technology and delivers the best performance in its class. The low cost of ownership helps you to achieve maximum return on investment. The pump can operate at a maximum pressure of 10.000 or 18.000 psi and is available in binary and quaternary gradient options.

An innovative and cost effective system for routine (U)HPLC and LC-MS analysis, which includes easy operating pump technology with full automatic self-priming and purging functionality.

Key features

Experts in liquid sample preparation

Low cost of ownership

Focused on OEM partnerships

Injection range from µL to mL

Easy product customization

Quaternary pump optional

From development to manufacturing

HPLC and (U)HPLC version available

System robustness at its best

Routine HPLC analysis in analytical and QA/QC labs require a robust and dependable system. The unbeatable Alias autosampler delivers great precision and has a unique free programmable needle wash system, to eliminate carry-over.

With the Value (U)HPLC system, you can easily replicate and improve the performance of existing LC methods. With proven technology and smart innovations, this system delivers the ideal balance of performance and value for right-the-first-time analysis and trusted test results.

Value system components

Sample preparation instruments
Sample preparation instruments
Sample preparation instruments
SPH1299 V2

This advanced pump delivers an ultra-precise gradient flow. Obviously a workhorse for robust, precise and easy to use analysis.


Generic autosampler for liquid analysis using state-of-the-art injection technology with fast injection and multi-solvent wash cycles.


A stable and precise oven with forced air oven, integrated solvent pre-heater and excellent temperature control between 5-90ºC.

Smart system routine

Starting up the Value (U)HPLC system is as easy as clicking a button. Easy operating pump technology, with full automatic self-priming and purging functionality, will get the pump up-and-running in minutes.

The autosampler offers the possibility to connect multiple wash solvents, which can be used to wash the flow path prior to or during the sample analysis. The Integrated solvent and waste managers will ensure a proper collection of the waste of the system.

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