Reaching our joint ambitions

Development & assembly

Imagine how we could reach
our joint ambitions

With our DnA services, we provide customized solutions for high-performance systems in the analytical industry. From our joint ambition, we bring promising ideas alive in refined technology and state of the art instruments that smoothly fit into your technical workflow.

We act as the extension of your R&D department, focusing on front-end solutions for LC. Since we know the industry like no other and excel in elaborating technical designs, we can help you take your business to that promising next level. We blend in during the development process and blend out again when our product has been effectively integrated into your systems.

Our goals

Experts in liquid sample preparation

The best integrated workflow

Focused on OEM partnerships

Improved analytical performance

Easy product customization

Faster method development

From development to manufacturing

Fully automated sample preparation

Independent and agile organization

Flexible assembly lines

The way we work

At Spark we approach our development projects from our 4D model (Discover, Diagnose, Design, Deliver). A proven method that enables us to come aboard during every single phase of the development process. We prefer to start cooperating in the concept stage, but you can rely on our in-depth technical expertise in later stadiums as well, e.g. when it comes to the production of fully (re)developed products.


Based on your ideas and requirements, our consultants propose product concepts based on more than 30 years of industry experience.


During fast feasibility studies we translate product requirements into design concepts, while aligning R&D processes to ensure a smooth product development phase.


The product (co-)development phase follows strict procedures in accor­dance with ISO13485 standard, while still leaving space for creativity. We are extremely focused on your goals and deadlines, and strive to develop intellectual property to gain competitive advantages.


When product designs are ready, we implement high quality assembly lines for serial production of instruments, including services such as product life cycle management, supply chain ma­nagement and technical support.

All about OEM

At Spark we provide more than revolutionary technology and state-of-the-art products, because we understand that it takes more to make your solution a success. Therefore, we support you on all aspects of product design, development and delivery. From training and support of your personnel, to management of the supply chain and production of promotional materials. We go all the way to achieve a successful implementation of the best high performance solution for you.

Maarten de Jong - product engineer Spark Holland
Development & assembly

About Spark

Founded in 1982 in The Netherlands, Spark Holland has a long track record in the development of innovative and patented technology for sample preparation and liquid handling systems. Dutch craftsmanship delivered worldwide.

Better sample care is about the small things that matter so much. Therefore, we have always been a pioneer in innovation, developing ground-breaking products. Like our UHPLC pumps that deliver ultra-precise gradient flow. Or our autosampler technology that guarantees very secure injection, and offers real time monitoring and diagnostics to optimize performance and predict possible failures.