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  • ✓ Liquid Chromatography
  • ✓ Automated Sample Preparation
  • ✓ Development & Assembly (DnA)

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Spark Holland B.V.

Spark Holland has evolved to become a world-class provider of innovative sample introduction, extraction and separation technology for analytical systems such as HPLC, MS, GC and NMR.

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OEM Liquid Chromatography

Combining our legacy in Autosampler and Column heating technologies, with our innovative pumping technology, we now offer a variety state-of-the-art UHPLC OEM LC systems.

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Development and Assembly

At Spark we help our customers realize product ideas up to full implementation in the field with our Development & Assembly (DnA) services and experience in all product life cycle stages.

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SPH1299Q™ Quaternary UHPLC Pump

We are excited to add a new pump to our OEM portfolio: the SPH1299Q™️ Quaternary UHPLC pump.

The SPH1299Q™️ is based upon the proven technology of our high pressure gradient pump, SPH1299™️. All the outstanding and unique features of the SPH1299™️ are covered in this quaternary pump as well. By default: no manual priming and purging, accurate and precise flow control and easy maintenance.

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