Versatile (U)HPLC™

Best performance (U)HPLC

Complex analysis requires the best performance of an (U)HPLC system. This system is based on industry-leading technology, resulting in highly efficient separations. Low system dispersion and next generation pumping technology will maximize resolution and sensitivity, no matter what application you are running.

SPH1299 Integrity Combination
Spark Holland offers best in class (U)HPLC systems for (U)HPLC and LC-MS analysis which includes, easy operating pump technology with full automatic self-priming and purging functionality.

Key features

Experts in liquid sample preparation

Liquid handling options

Focused on OEM partnerships

Next generation pump technology

Easy product customization

Excellent sample temperature control

From development to manufacturing

Patented injection valve technology

Advanced liquid handling

Complex sample mixture requires more flexibility of your system. The Versatile (U)HPLC system offers you the extra tools you will not find on any other (U)HPLC system.

Bottom detection and a unique wash system will result in the best day-to-day performance you are looking for.  Other features, like reagent addition and automatic vial shaker, will give you endless flexibility in optimizing the most challenging (U)HPLC experiments.


Versatile system components

Sample preparation instruments
Sample preparation instruments
Sample preparation instruments
SPH1299 V2

This advanced pump delivers an ultra-precise gradient flow. Obviously a workhorse for robust, precise and easy to use analysis.


This autosampler sets a new standard in sample care with its state-of-the-art injection technology, sample turn-around and sample capacity.


A stable and precise oven with forced air oven, integrated solvent pre-heater and excellent temperature control between 5-90ºC.

Patented technologies

From this system you can expect cutting edge technologies. For example, the patented injection valve technology will not only give the best analytical performance. It will also help to increase the column lifetime by minimizing the pressure drop upon injection.

Also the pump head design is patented. By integrating the pressure sensor membrane into the flow path, no dead volumes are present where air can accumulate. This results in solvent gradients with exceptional precision of both the solvent composition and the flow rate; i.e. in robust and precise gradient (U)HPLC.

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