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CHRONECT Symbiosis

A versatile workhorse that will allow you to perform more projects with the highest assay performance in the same time.


A system balanced for performance and value. The perfect solution for routine (U)HPLC analysis in analytical and QA/QC labs.

SPH1299 Integrity Combination

A system based on industry-leading technology, resulting in highly efficient separations, and endless flexibility in optimizing the most challenging (U)HPLC experiments.

Innovative technology for front-end sample handling

Thirty years of continuous innovation have established Spark Holland’s reputation as a leading provider of technology for on-line devices and systems, enabling highly efficient (SPE-)LC-MS/MS workflows. Especially in the field of sample introduction and online SPE, Spark Holland has always been a pioneer introducing an extensive list of innovations.
And the list will continue to grow!

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Better sample care

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