One of Spark’s objectives is ease of use of its instrumentation, be it an autosampler or a full Symbiosis Pro system. With the delivery of a new system a number of options is available to effectively introduce the instrumentation into the laboratory. These options range from assistance to reproduce a current method to the new system, up to training of your lab staff to increase acceptance of another level of automation. Once the system is operational and a question or problem occurs, the Spark Partner network will guarantee an efficient response in order to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

OEM Support

Spark’s OEM support is customized towards the customer’s needs. For more information look at the OEM Support Program.

Symbiosis System

With the purchase of each Symbiosis system, we will plan the system installation and startup with you. A Spark Service Engineer (or Value Added Partner) will perform the setup, ensure it runs smoothly, and spend extra time with your staff to train them on location in using the system in their daily routine operations.

Spark Training Course

Following the startup and basic operations training service with each new system, Spark offers a series of dedicated courses ranging from a refresher course to an advance method development course.


Once the system is operational, it is essential to keep maintenance or other downtime as short as possible. A carefully composed Preventive Maintenance Program will assure this. The highly qualified Spark Service Team (or Partner) will perform scheduled preventive maintance service and instruct your staff how to maintain the system and perform minor repairs.

Service Contracts

To assure optimum operation of the system, servicing with regular interval is required. Spark offers multi-level service contract, each designed to meet the level of performance required for your applications.

Terms and Conditions

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