Project Description

CHRONECT Symbiosis™

In 2018, Spark Holland and Axel Semrau have signed a global commercial agreement for the distribution of Spark Symbiosis legacy. Axel Semrau® offers different online SPE front end solutions based on Spark technology. All our CHRONECT Symbiosis solutions are UHPLC systems combined with an online SPE front end and the robust and reliable PAL autosampler with flexible options for sample preparation.

This system offers all the basic advantages of online SPE to increase assay performance while reducing method development time. With the solvent selector in the V20 pumps and the column selector in the NEW Mistral™ it also allows you to run multiple batches under different LC conditions. You can even choose to include or exclude the extraction, all from the software, without reconfiguring your system hardware! The mix and dilute routine of the Alias™ autosampler will handle the sample preparation steps such as adding IS. In combination with an optional Prep kit the Pico is capable of handling samples up to 10 mL.

  • Reliable injection performance
  • Well plates and vials
  • Sample cooling
  • HPLC and UHPLC version
  • Stackable
  • Simultaneous sample prep & LC
  • Automated solvent mixing
  • Multi assay processing
  • Integrated software control in SparkLink™, Analyst™, Xcalibur™ and Masslynx™
  • More samples per day per analyst
  • Generic templates for Acidic, Basic and Neutral compounds
  • Instant feedback during method optimizing
  • Test more variables in less time
  • No more compromising assay quality

All SymbiosisTM online SPE Systems processes multiple batches/assays fast and reliably, with the highest analytical performance, fully unattended. They also have all the tools to perform method development using a systematic approach which generates a working online SPE method in just a few days. These versatile workhorses are a safe investment and allows you to perform more projects with the highest assay performance in the same time and uses the full MS capacity to the lab’s economical benefit.



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