Project Description

SPH1299Q™ Quaternary UHPLC Pump

The SPH1299Q™ is a linear driven quaternary pump that easily meets contemporary requirements of modern laboratories. Whereas high pressure gradient pumps – like the SPH1299™ – are known for their ultra fast gradients and low dwell volume, low pressure gradient pumps excel in flexibility. Blending up to four solvents with excellent performance enables easy and fast method development. Next to this, method transfer and application switching are easy and straightforward, which makes the SPH1299Q™ the preferred pump for many laboratories.

The SPH1299Q™ is based upon the proven technology of our high pressure gradient pump, SPH1299™. All the outstanding and unique features of the SPH1299™ are covered in this quaternary pump as well. By default: no manual priming and purging, accurate and precise flow control and easy maintenance.


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