Project Description

ALIAS™ BIO version

ALIAS™ for ÄKTA™ pure is standard equipped with a bio-inert flowpath, which consist of a metal free injection valve and sample loop, combined with a coated sample needle. The installed sample loop of 100 μL permits injection volumes in a range of 1-100 μL. A wide range of sample loops is available to optimize the injection range to your applications.


ALIAS™ Bio PREP is designed for large volume injections. The ALIAS™ Bio PREP version holds 24 vials of 10 mL and uses a 2.5 mL syringe. Needles, tubing and sample loop are bio compatible, have larger capacity and allow rapid injection of sample volumes up to 10 mL.


ALIAS™ can be used in a stackable environment, to save bench space. A fraction collector or pump can be positioned on top of the autosampler, which can load up to 65 kg.

Reassuring reliability

Spark has more than 30 years of experience in autosampler development and innovation. Our Pressure Assisted Sample Aspiration (PASA™) concept avoids sample-syringe contact and air bubbles and has proven its robustness in more than 30,000 autosamplers. Comforting numbers if you demand a reliable autosampler.

Features and options

• Metal free sampling with silicacoated steel needle and PEEK valve
• 2 Wash solvents allows thorough needle wash with a weak and strong wash solvent
• Reagent addition and mix capabilities for derivatization, dilution, internal standard addition
• Cooling option. Peltier cooling module with forced air cooling in the sample compartment down to +4°C. (option)
• Solvent Selection Valve (SSV). Optional 6-port solvent selection valve for extended selection of reagents for needle wash and reagent addition. (option)
• Quick-fit injection valve for fast maintenance.

Brochure Alias for AKTA pure and Avant

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