OEM Liquid Chromatography
  • ✓ Over 30 years of experience
  • ✓ State of the art UHPLC instruments
  • ✓ Your full service OEM partner

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Your product, our technology

OEM is in our genes. Changing industrial designs of our instruments for OEM business has become second nature to us. All our products are designed for easy customization. Whether you are looking for a branded standard instrument or want to integrate our technology in your product, it’s all possible.

Spark Holland is your partner at every stage of product development, from customizing the industrial design to creating and integrating the driver into your software package. And we can assist you with all aspects around service and delivery strategies. From training & support to supply chain management. And from product promotion to compliance with applicable regulations.

State of the art

  • Innovative pumping technology
  • Revolutionary autosamplers
  • Easy customization
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 compliant
  • REACH and RohS compliant

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From standard to fully integrated

Flexibility is what you expect from your OEM partner and that is what we offer with three different ways of co-creation. From branding our standard products with your corporate identity to fully integrating our technology into your instruments. Working closely together on al aspects of product design, development and delivery. Your product is what makes us tick!

Brand & combine

  • Your branding
  • Our industrial design
  • Separate products

Combine & customize

  • Your branding
  • Your industrial design
  • Combine products

Customize & integrate

  • Your branding
  • Your industrial design
  • Integrated product

Easy customizable UHPLC sets

An LC system is much more than just a collection of modules. Spark instruments are designed for seamless integration into sets that meet nowadays laboratory requirements. The perfect harmonization of electronics, software and hardware, brings many analytical advantages. Synchronization of injection, dispersion and fully integrated waste management. We do everything we can to deliver the best LC systems for the most complex situations. Of course, we can complete your set of choice with all necessary accessories like bottles, columns, waste reservoirs and methods. So, you are ready to go!

Your full service OEM partner

Spark Holland is more than just a technology provider. Our experienced team of professionals is there for you, during every stage of your product’s lifecycle.

We understand that it takes more than good technology to make your solution a success. Therefore, we support you in every way to deliver the best possible quality and performance to your customers. From training and support of your personnel, to management of the supply chain and production of promotional materials. We go all the way!

Innovative technology for front-end sample handling

Thirty years of continuous innovation have established Spark Holland’s reputation as a leading provider of technology for on-line devices and systems, enabling highly efficient (SPE-)LC-MS/MS workflows. Especially in the field of sample introduction and online SPE, Spark Holland has always been a pioneer introducing an extensive list of innovations. And the list will continue to grow!

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Customized engineering?

Looking for a specific, tailor made technical solution? With our development & assembly services we provide customized solutions for high-performance systems in the analytical industry. We blend in during the development process and blend out again when our technology has been effectively integrated into your systems.

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