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  • ✓ The best integrated workflow
  • ✓ Improved analytical performance
  • ✓ Faster method development

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Imagine how we could reach our joint ambitions

With our DnA services, we provide customized solutions for high-performance systems in the analytical industry. From our joint ambition, we bring promising ideas alive in refined technology and state of the art instruments that smoothly fit into your technical workflow.

We act as the extension of your R&D department, focusing on front-end solutions for LC. Since we know the industry like no other and excel in elaborating technical designs, we can help you take your business to that promising next level. We blend in during the development process and blend out again when our product has been effectively integrated into your systems.

Our Goals

  • The best integrated workflow
  • Improved analytical performance
  • Faster method development
  • Fully automated sample preparation
  • Flexible and high-quality assembly lines

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The way we work

Our 4D model

At Spark we approach our development projects from our 4D model (Discover, Diagnose, Design, Deliver), a proven method that enables us to come aboard during every single phase of the development process. We prefer to start cooperating in the concept stage, but you can rely on our in-depth technical expertise in later stadiums as well, e.g. when it comes to the production of fully (re)developed products.


At his very early stage, we offer engineering consultancy by proposing product concepts based on almost 40 years of industry experience.


Fast feasibility studies: translating product requirements into design concepts. Aligning R&D processes to ensure a smooth product (co-)development phase.


Our product development process meets all ISO13485 standards. We believe in creating intellectual property in hardware, firmware and software solutions.


High-quality assembly lines for serial production, including services such as product life cycle management, supply chain management, analytical and technical support.

Imagine what we could do together

Eager to know more about Spark and our tailored engineering approach?

Expert teams

For each individual engineering project we compose a specific team of specialists. Each team (member) represents the qualities that Spark stands for: reliable, easy to approach, open, flexible and pragmatic, continuously focused on your goals and ambitions.

Mechanical engineering

“By combining our 3D CAD and simulation tools with our advanced product lifecycle management system, we design for assembly and challenging reducing cogs”

Electronical engineering

All embedded hardware and software powering our instruments are developed at Spark, we cooperate with industry-leading companies which enables us to select the best technological components with long-term availability.

Software development

“We write your instrument control software, driver integration being one of our main areas of expertise – making it compatible with your software platform.”

Technology Research

“We actively seek ways to make our instruments more intelligent, either to predict potential downtime using machine learning or to recognize analytical problems by analyzing large data sets.”

Find out all about our commitment, lead times, deadlines and cost of goods sold. Experience the way we work and cooperate in order to reach your business goals.

Spark Holland: small enough to be agile and effective and with the execution strength to serve industry leaders.
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