Application search

Over the years, close to 500 applications of our on-line Sample preparation technology have been published as applications notes, posters or scientific articles. You can search for those publications in our applications database by compound name, compound group, application field, etc. Even if the compound of your interest does not show up, you will most probably find information that helps you getting started.

Please contact our Application Specialist Team, in case you cannot find adequate application information.

Application support

At Spark Holland we realize that proof of feasibility for a certain application may be required before comitting to the purchase of instrumentation. We have facilities and staff to prepare a demonstration with your own samples. We also offer at site application support to help you getting started with an application in your own lab and train your staff at the same time. Please consult the Application Specialist Team.

Besides applications developed on our standard systems we also create new front-end solutions or applications using special configurations of our system hardware and software. Sometimes in combination with third party instruments. This service is typically provided to our Partners or OEM customers. Many examples of such creative front-end solutions built on our core technologies have thus been realized. Feel free to contact our Business Development Manager, Gerard Haak, about custom made front end solutions.

Application Highlights

In a number of application area’s, Symbiosis systems have proven to have distinct advantages over other instruments. Some of these area’s are highlighted in a separate webpage dedicated to this application. Examples are Toxicological screening and Peptide bioanalysis. The number of highlighted applications is growing and more will appear on the site when adequately documented.

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