Management Team

Rob van der Knaap


Rob has been with Spark for over 20 years. Starting as a service manager in 1996, Rob has had various positions on both the commercial side as well as on the development side of the company. Within his overall responsibility, his main objective is to create a company known for its innovative sample introduction, extraction and separation technology on one hand, and on the other, a company that is appreciated for taking excellent care of its customers.

Sonja van der Laan

Vice President Operations

Sonja started working at Spark in 1985. She has had several positions in the company and now heads Operations and Support. The Operations team is responsible for production, logistics and purchasing. High quality and reliable delivery times are top priority for the Operations department. The Support team is responsible for ict, quality and human resources.

Cornelis Tump

Research and Development Director

Cornelis started working at Spark Holland in 2014 and is responsible for Sparks’ Research & Development department, which includes Mechanical-, Electronical Engineering, Software Development and our Laboratory.

Otto Halmingh

Technology and Product Management Director

Otto  has held several roles over the past years in customer services, product management and product development. He joined Spark more than 16 years ago as scientific researcher. Besides development of new innovative products the R&D team is specialized in performing OEM customization projects.

Henk Pruim

Finance Director

Started working for Spark in 1986 and responsible for financial reporting and all related activities.

Florian van der Hoeven

Business Development Director

Florian has been working for Spark since 2015 and is from January 2018 located in Boston. He is responsible for the North American business development, has a background in Biomedical Engineering and proudly holds an international MBA degree.

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