Flexible OEM

In our product development cycle we have already addressed topics relating to a successful instrument implementation, being
– Ease of use; through ergonomic designs, intuitive GUI design, dedicated fool proof bottle positions and (online or offline) instrument diagnostics
– Robustness of design; by lifetime test and verification/validation user cases
– Service friendliness; modular build up and support manuals
– Consumable strategies advice; how to guarantee unique quality and availability of controlled reagents

Whilst you will have the ability to keep your focus on the use and users of the instrument with the challenges in development of methods and instrument protocols, Spark Holland will support you to streamline the implementation and operations around the new instrument. Before and during launch with
– Train-the trainer sessions for your service team
– Setup of FAQ page input
– Pre-launch customer evaluation for reference and learning
– Customized tooling

Once an idea is born, feasible technology is available and an instrument is developed. However the process does not stop there, the instrument life-cycle is just beginning. Our ethos behind the Spark Holland “Better Sample Care” slogan is not only developing a great instrument, but also ensuring you and your customers have a ‘no worry’ quality experience!

Florian van der Hoeven

Director, Business Development

Florian is responsible Spark’s business development in the Northern Americas , by guiding them through the entire process of product development.

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