Project Description


Uphill Towers A1-A Blok Kat. 23 D. 130 Barbaros Bah.
Dereboyu Cad. Feslegen Sok 34746 Atasehir Istanbul

P: +90 (0) 216 688 5778


Spektrotek has been formed in order to meet all needs of official labs and private labs.

Housing experienced operators, provides the services of representation of world-leading companies in Turkey and sale of their analytic devices, and also labs’ much-needed after-sale support, service and method forming, sharing its experiences in these areas with its customers. Our company’s basic objective is to keep on its professional solemnity together with its amateur excitement.

In Spektrotek family, in-field expert engineers receive in-house training in relation to analyzing customer demands, defining suitable systems or solutions and conveying experiences within a positive communication, to the companies we regard as partners. Together with these, all technical staff has expertise certificates due to their training in manufacturer company labs, primarily in Germany and USA, and the subsequent examinations. All technical staff is encouraged to participate in conferences, congresses and seminars related to its subject, therefore to catch the latest developments.

Spektrotek keeps on its own development towards the objectives of conveying know-how of its principal companies in Turkey labs, bringing solutions to companies’ and labs’ present problems with new technological developments and taking the leadership in Turkey in Analytic Instrument Sector, on sturdy steps.

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