Spark Holland B.V.

Spark Holland has evolved to become a world-class provider of innovative sample introduction, extraction and separation technology for analytical systems such as HPLC, MS, GC and NMR.

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Online SPE

Our Symbiosis technology for online Solid Phase Extraction is based on pressure resistant high performance SPE cartridges that can be automatically exchanged.

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Flexible OEM Partnering

At Spark Holland we help the customers realize their ideas up to full implementation in the field. This requires specific skills, knowledge and experience of the product life cycle stages.

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Dried Blood Spot Autosampler

Introducing our revolutionary Dried Blood Spot autosampler!
The collection and storage of blood samples onto specially designed filter paper cards is considered to be very convenient, easy to use and cost effective. The analysis of such samples, however, has proved laborious due to punching out and manual off-line procedures.

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Using a Book-Type Dried Plasma Spot Card for Automated Flow-Through Elution

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