Dried Blood Spot Autosampler

Introducing our revolutionary Dried Blood Spot autosampler!
The collection and storage of blood samples onto specially designed filter paper cards is considered to be very convenient, easy to use and cost effective. The analysis of such samples, however, has proved laborious due to punching out and manual off-line procedures.


Intelligent SPE technology through a clever cartridge

Spark high performance SPE cartridges are at the heart of our online SPE technology, the intelligent solution to any SPE challenge. Dimensions are optimized to combine high extraction capacity with small elution volumes. Naturally, the cartridge will resist typical HPLC system pressures.


World's only autosampler with SBI™

INTEGRITY™ in sample care... INTEGRITY™ in results! Designed for the optimum care of samples, the only autosampler featuring unique Sample Barcode Identification (SBI™). INTEGRITY™ offers complete confidence in analytical results, sample prep features and much more! Discover all about us and what we do to improve sample care on the INTEGRITY microsite...

ILD - Itermediate Loop Decompression
A special injection valve makes INTEGRITY™ ready for injections into UHPLC systems up to 120 MPa (18,000 PSI). Intermediate Loop... CLICK HERE >>
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