Flow Through Desorption (FTD™)

Innovative patented Flow-through desorption (FTD™)* technology provides direct elution of DBS from cards into your mass spec and other analytical systems without punching discs. Optional on-line clean-up and analyte separation prior to analysis by mass spec or other analytical systems, provide maximum sensitivity without any manual intervention. With the potential for many other biological samples, the DBS Autosampler™ from Spark Holland sets a new standard for analysis!

* US patent no. US 8586382 B2 

Standard system for medium throughput

DBS? Autosampler
DBS™ Autosampler
  • DBS card clamping system for flow-through desorption and online coupling to (SPE)(LC)-MS/MS
  • Bar code reading
  • Spot inspection by camera and image analysis software
  • Automated internal standard addition
  • Easy to link to Spark online SPE systems for online sample extraction, clean up and chromatographic separation prior to MS/MS analysis
  • 100 DBS cards capacity
  • Sensitivity sub 0.1 ng/ml
  • Carryover of ≤0.05% (default wash conditions)
  • Option for mounting different clamp sizes for the desorption of different sized spots
  • Precision, linearity and accuracy easily within acceptance criteria for bioanalysis
  • Total assay cycle time for DBS-SPE-LC-MS analysis whithin 3 minutes

High throughput card handling robot

A high throughput robot will be available for large numbers of DBS cards (400+) using an extended-range robot and additional card racks.


Check the downloads for further information and learn how our new concept performs for bioanalysis.

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