VU and Spark announce FractioMate at Analytica Munich 2018

During the Analytica last week in Munich, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Spark Holland proudly introduced the FractiomateTM. A new platform that enables users the fastest way to identify water hazards.

VU Spark FractioMate Brochure

FractioMateTM converts complex, costly and lengthy EDA studies into robust, rapid and sensitive analyses which also significantly increase toxic compound identification.

• Direct integration of biological and chemical lab.

• Lengthy EDA studies reduced to a few days.

• Capacity increase by orders of magnitude; resulting in 5 to 10 samples per week.

• Integration results in much faster correlation of bioactivity / toxicity to accurate mass.

For quote or product information please refer to:

Joost C. Rosier T +31 20 59 87439 |