Spark Holland announces DBS-X system @ MSACL EU 2017

Introducing the biggest innovative step in dried blood spot (DBS) sampling: DBS X System™. Completely designed and manufactured by Spark Holland, the DBS X System™ is the first fully integrated system to be placed in front of a mass spectrometer.

DBS microsampling is an emerging technology because of the acknowledgment of its many advantages. However, current usage of DBS cards requires a lot of manual sample preparation steps. Spark Holland offers an innovative automation solution. With its high ease of use, our next product is extremely suitable to facilitate these latest developments.

With CHRONOS software, developed by Axel Semrau, DBS X System™ is being operated from just one software package. Because of this, maximum integration and connectivity has been made possible.

For the very first time, we’ve created a system that is compatible and fully optimised with a mass spectrometer, including sample prep based upon online Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) and Liquid Chromatography (LC).

Join us in taking dried blood spot (DBS) sampling to the next level.