Removing human factors; the right drug test

On a monthly base, the US Department of Defense randomly tests more than 60.000 urine samples on illegal substances. Every active duty member is required to undergo a thorough urinalysis at least once a year.


Marijuana contains approximately 15% THC, which is metabolized in the liver into THC-COOH. The metabolite of marijuana, THC COOH, can be detected in urine for more than one week.


So how can you be sure that the privates defending your country are completely drug free?

Specimen handling, extraction and derivatization where among the human factors of operating an offline SPE system. Therefore, an automated SPE-LC MS/MS for the analysis in THC-COOH in human urine was developed. The automated SPE procedure eliminates human factors and removes rework resulting from human error or technical issues. The simplicity and speed analysis of this unique SPE technology exceeds other methods, making it more accurate within less time. Including sample preparation, separation and detection, the latest technology only takes a short period of total analysis time.

Automation ensures reduction of costs through eliminating human factors and reduction of analysis time. The Symbiosis system can prepare one specimen while another specimen is being analyzed. Giving the technician more time for other activities while the system is running.

Equipment used for this analysis: Symbiosis™, running on SPE Cartridges.

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