Project Description

SPE Cartridges

The online SPE cartridge for Symbiosis™/ Prospekt-2 / ACE systems has been specially designed for online elution to the HPLC column. Dimensions are optimized to combine high extraction capacity with small elution volumes. Standard dimensions are 10 mm in length and 2 mm inner diameter, but 10 x 1 mm is also available. Naturally, the cartridge will resist typical HPLC system pressures (max 300 bar). All common SPE sorbents are available in the Prospekt cartridge format. Therefore, existing SPE methods can be transferred to the Prospekt without additional SPE method development.

GLP Compliance

Every cartridge is marked with a code representing brand, type and batch of the SPE sorbent. Furthermore, the cartridges are delivered in 96 position-plates that are placed directly in the Symbios™ /Prospekt-2 System for processing; no need to touch a cartridge! Every tray contains a Rf chip that transmits information on cartridge type, batch number, production number (unique), expiry date etc., to the Symbiosis™ / Prospekt-2. This information is displayed on the PC screen and is attached to the analysis report. After use, the Symbiosis / Prospekt-2 System transmits data to the Rf chip on positions used/not used. Partially used trays can thus be stored safely without labeling or removing the used cartridges.

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