OEM Support Program

Since the founding of Spark Holland, it has been the market leading company in OEM partnering for a variety of HPLC instrumentation. An OEM partnering agreement offers our OEM customers highly reliable and robust (U)HPLC system components like gradient UHPLC pumps, Extraction Technology, Autosamplers and Column Ovens and a range of additional services completely customized to the OEM partner’s needs.

We offer great flexibility with the OEM product configuration. Our services range from the small logo-less product customization to complete engineering projects – in which we finally produce the instruments. In between that, we like customers to take parts of our key technologies and products and work with Spark on a highly customized product. Spark has a professional team able to work with you on product development, managing the project time lines, product cost and project cost.

During the project the first experience with our OEM Support Program is made. Just like the product, this Program can also be flexible. Some of the service which can re-occur during and after the customization include:
•(Spark) hardware set up advice
•Set-up help first demonstrations and test
•Advice on spare-part stock level
•Initial training
•Annual free training, hands-on / ‘train-the-trainer”
•Second line of support (by mail or on site)

Spark Holland BV has always been a true service focused company. We take the Better Care in our “Better Sample Care” logo very seriously. Contact Gert Schuurman for any question on the OEM Support Program.

Gert Schuurman

Sales Engineer

Gert is globally responsible for Spark’s OEM customers, by providing them with support and advice on Spark’s OEM capabilities

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