Project Description


Traditional volumetric dispensers are designed for pipetting reagents or samples into vials or wells at ambient pressure or a few Bar at most. Online volumetric reagent delivery however, may require the ability to introduce reagents into a system with a high working pressure. The HPD™ was originally designed by Spark for SPE solvent delivery in on-line SPE-LC systems, but other applications are easy to imagine. Think of pre-column reagent addition for online derivatization in HPLC, post-column reagent addition for detection enhancement, etc.

•Accurate volume delivery at controlled flow rates
•Independent of backpressure up to 300 Bar
•Selects from 4-24 solvents…or samples!
•On-line solvent mixing
•Dual-syringe version for high throughput

0051.989-20 HPD Brochure

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