Spark Holland BV

Spark Holland has evolved to become a world-class provider of innovative sample introduction, extraction and separation technology for analytical systems such as HPLC, MS, GC and NMR. Spark pro-actively gathers user feedback and seeks to understand the typical problems in the analytical lab. This allows focus on product development towards simplicity, robustness, throughput and reliability - all serving the united goal of increased lab efficiency, better economics and last, but not the least, ease of operation.

Better Sample Care

Even the most advanced analysis of a sample becomes worthless if there is the slightest doubt about its integrity or identity. Therefore, integrity, safety and traceability of samples play a central role in our instrument innovation. Our aim is to provide front-end sample handling and separation systems that effectively eliminate every instrumental source of analytical errors caused by sample degradation, sample contamination, false sample identification,  sample cross contamination, etc.  Spark Holland front-end systems can be trusted as offering the best possible sample care one can get in front of the LC or LC-MS analyzer.

OEM business is in our genes

After almost 30 years experience and over 25,000 instruments delivered to OEM partners, OEM business has become second nature to us. Few instrument companies are as specialized as us in the customization of hard- and software according to their customers’ needs. We aim to be a specialist OEM partner in all aspects – from joint R&D and software integration all the way through to comprehensive service support and reliable product delivery. We invest heavily in innovation of front-end instrumentation and in the skills of our development staff, striving to be experts not only in instrumental design, but also in separation science, solid phase extraction and  sample handling.

Invaluable to our OEM partners, invisible to their end users.

General Publications about Spark Holland BV

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